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How To Apply For BPSC Jobs 2024

There are multiple departments that hire their candidates through BPSC in Balochistan. You have to Know How To Apply For BPSC Jobs 2024. In other cases, your application will be denied by the BPSC. There are a lot of people who are interested in applying for jobs with the Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC), but they don’t know how to apply online. There is no need for concern because we are here to assist you in resolving the problem you are facing.

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Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC)

The civil service of Pakistan’s Balochistan province is administered by the Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC). It was created by an Act of the Balochistan Assembly known as the “Balochistan Civil Servants Act, 1974” in accordance with Article 240 of the recently drafted Pakistani Constitution. The BPCS Examinations are conducted at random, pending the existence of open positions.

There is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for BPSC jobs.


The first thing you must do is visit the official BPSC website. All the positions that you can apply for are listed on this page. The arrangement will be as follows: The candidate must first choose the position they are applying for.

To Apply Online:
1. Open BPSC’s website or directly visit
II. Select the “Apply Online” link, as displayed under.

How to Apply For BPSC Jobs

On the next screen, you have to create an account if you are a new user, otherwise, you can skip this option.

BPSC Online application

To apply for BPSC jobs you have to complete 06 steps.

BPSC Online Apply Step 01 (Logging in)

Candidates are required to create a profile or account on BPSC by providing the information in the following list., you will be prompted to complete the form by providing the information that is depicted in the following image.


BPSC step 01

BPSC Online Apply Step 02 (Bio)

Candidates are required to provide their personal information by filling out an online application form after they have successfully logged into their accounts.

Candidates are required to provide their names, the names of their fathers, contact information, and the place where they reside, among other information, on that form.

BPSC step 02

Candidates are required to provide all of the information requested on this form in the appropriate format.

Candidates are required to submit their information by selecting the “Submit” option after completing the form. After they have submitted this form, another form on your screen will appear that is titled education details.

BPSC Online Apply Step 03 (Education)

On that screen, the education form is opened, and candidates are required to write about their educational information (such as their degree name, passing year, total and obtained marks, board name, and other similar details) as shown in the image below.

BPSC step 03

When candidates upload their Educational details, they have to click on the “Submit” button to save their information.

BPSC Online Apply Step 04 (Experience)

Candidates are required to provide their experience details, if they have any, during step 04 of the application process. If such is not the case, then they can skip this step. After that, you’ll need to select the dashboard icon in order to continue.

BPSC Online Apply Step 05 (Post Map)

On the dashboard, you need to select the button or icon labeled “Apply Post” Following that, you will see the screen depicted in the following image appear on your personal computer.

BPSC step 05

Candidates are required to type their post name, bank challan number, bank name, and advertisement number into the appropriate fields on this form.

Important Notice: Only choose the post from the list of Post Names for which you have already sent in your fee or bank challan; otherwise, candidates may face serious future difficulties.

When you have finished providing the information requested, click the “ADD” button to continue adding your information.

BPSC Online Apply Step 06 (Print Application Form)

When the BPSC Online Application Procedure is finished, click the Printer icon to print your application form if you wish to do so.

BPSC step 06

With the help of this procedure, candidates can download their BPSC online application form.

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